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This article is a definitive guide of essential oils for kids cough. Tips, instructions and usage of essential oils to prevent kids cough.

Because our children are the biggest richness in this world please proceed with caution and do your own research before applying these blends to babies and children of any age. 

According to motherhoodcommunity.com:

“Essential oils like rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and oregano are not suitable or considered safe for children under 6 years of age, minimum. ” 

How to test it?

“The most simple way is to do a patch test:
  • Mix a very small amount of essential oil/carrier at twice the concentration you plan to use.
  • Using the inside of the forearm, apply a couple drops of your double concentration mix to the pad of a bandaid and keep the bandage on the skin.
  • You may repeat to check for allergic sensitivity.”

How to make a diffuser blend for cough?


  1. Add 200 ml of water into diffuser;
  2. In addition 3 drops of frankincense oil;
  3. 3 drops of eucalyptus oil;
  4. 3 drops of lemon oil;
  5. 3 drops of rosemary oil

According to lovingessentialoils.com:

“Essential oils can be diffused every day. It is best to use intermittent diffusion, diffusing for 30 to 60 minutes and then off for 30 to 60 minutes.”

How to make a steam inhalation?


According to verywellhealth.com:

“Steam inhalation’s benefit is inhaling steam from a vaporizer device or a bowl of hot water, that may help loosen up mucus in the lungs and sinuses, help with congestion, ease a sore throat, and improve voice hoarseness.”

Steam inhalation’s home remedy treatment can cure:

  • sinusitis
  • common cold
  • bronchiloitis
  • croup
  • allergies
  • bronchitis


  • Find a vessel, such as a large bowl, or even a large mug, if you don’t have a vaporizer.
  • Boil water with a kettle or microwave. Vaporizers have heating elements for the water.
  • Fill the basin with boiling water, add essential oils, place a towel on your head with your child, and set a timer.
  • Position your child’s head about 8–12 inches above the water. Keep your eyes closed.
  • Position the towel to create an enclosed space.
  • Inhale the steam together with your child with slow, deep breaths for at least 2 to 5 minutes, refilling with hot water every two to three minutes.
  • Limit the duration of the individual session to 10–15 minutes.
  • Repeat sessions two to three times a day, as need.

An extra care needs to be taken when working with boiling water to avoid burning yourself and your kid.

Safety tips include:

  • Ensuring the mug or bowl you use is on a steady surface
  • Keeping eyes closed as you inhale to prevent direct contact
  • Being mindful of young children or pets
  • The safest way to prevent burns is to place a mug or bowl of hot water on the bottom of the bath and bend over it with your child.
In case of dry cough add:
In case of cough with mucus add:

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