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How to get the perfect body in 14 days is the most frequently asked question from the personal trainers. Therefore, this article is the definitive guide about 16 minute workouts that one must take every day during 14 days to get into perfect shape. This article consists of 2 video tutorials that are divided to 7 minute and 9 mintute workouts. Between the video tutorials you can take a 2 minute break.

According to the

  • There is no exact window for how long it takes to get in shape.
  • The time it takes to get in shape depends on individual goals, which could include strength, endurance, weight loss, body fat loss, etc.
  • Increasing your physical activity level is likely to make you feel better before you see noticeable results.
  • The type of exercise selected and a person’s beginning fitness level are important factors.

The answer to this fitness question depends, in part, on what you mean by “in shape.”

“How long it takes to see fitness results will vary depending on what your goals are,” Eliza Kingsford, director of Wellspring Camps, and author of “Brain-Powered Weight Loss,” told Healthline.

Taking into account all of the above, we made a reasearch, where a person in need of getting quickly into shape tried the video tutorials below for 14 days and was satisfied with the outcome, because she achieved the perfect body. As well as, all the clients, who have made these workouts have written their satisfied comments under these video tutorials.

Feel free to find it out below:

Video nr 1

7 minute Workout with Timer

Video nr 2 

9 minute Abs Workout

For more video tutorials, tips and tricks, feel free to look them from here.

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