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  • face mask aromatherapy locket

    Aromatherapy locket for face mask

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    Awesome way to make face mask wearing enjoyable. Wear it with your favourite essential oil locket diffuser. Diffusing essential oils with specially designed aromatherapy locket diffuser for face masks will help you to relieve your stress and keep you relaxed anytime. Aroma around you, minimizes some smells you don’t like and brings you a good mood.

    Measures: 12 mm x 4 mm


    1. Unscrew the lid;
    2. Drop 2 drops of essential oil to cotton pad inside the locket, put it into the locket and tighten it;
    3. Put the locket to the face mask, wherever you love to wear it;
    4. Additional way to wear is as the brooch on your blazer.

    Package includes magnetic aromatherapy locket for a face mask and 10 pieces of different colour cotton pads.

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