Tea tree oil


Tea tree oil is best known for treating acne, but in addition it is a good hand sanitizer, insect repellent, natural deodorant, antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes, boost wound heeling, get rid of nail fungus, chemical free mouthwash, get rid of vaginal fungus, all-purpose cleaner, soothe skin inflammation, control dandruff, treat Athlete’s Foot, banish mold on fruits and vegetables, relieve psoriasis.

Package included: 1 x 10ml bottle of all natural organic essential oil

  • 100% Pure 10ml essential aromatherapy oils
  • No additives, no fillers, just pure essential oil. Unwavering commitment to the highest quality products.
  • Perfect essential oils set for aromatherapy oils, oil for diffusers, humidifier oils, oil burners, spa and air purifier.
  • Each essential oil comes with 10ml amber brown bottle. This will keep the oils fresh and help against light degradation.