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Video Tutorials

Video tutorials of the highly recognized doctors and gurus are the best path indicators that we must follow to achieve the highest result to our problems and needs. 

Thereofre, please enjoy the video tutorials and quizzes to achieve your purpose of doing it. Everything we do, we do it for ourselves.

You are welcome to click on all the links below:

Techniques, tips, videos, relaxing music and exercises against anxiety, stress and depression

  1. NHS – Mental wellbeing audio guides by different doctors
  2. Tips to reduce stress
  3. Depression, anxiety self-assessment quiz
  4. Anger Test
  5. Exercise for depression
  6. 5 steps to mental wellbeing
  7. NHS – Breathing exercises for stress
  8. Dr Andrew Weil: 4-7-8 Breathing Techique
  9. Medical News Today: Breathing techniques for anxiety
  10. Sadhguru – How to overcome anxiety?
  11. How to improve your mental health?
  12. Inner management
  13. How to overcome the fear of being judged?
  14. Head or heart – which one to listen to?
  15. How to live happily?
  16. Mindful: What happens when we reconnect with nature?
  17. How to heal burnout?
  18. A free meditation music relaxing music for stress
  19. 7 minute Workout
  20. 9 minute Abs Workout

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