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The real reason 9 out of 10 dieters gain back every single pound…

NYU Medical Doctor Discovers Hidden“Cellular Fat Trap”
That Locks Liquid Fat In Your Cells

Making it impossible to lose weight
no matter how hard you diet or exercise.

How one Idaho woman broke out of her
vicious yo-yo weight loss cycle and caused
42 lbs of liquid fat to pour out of her body in weeks

“Hey look, the fat lady broke the Ferris wheel!”

Three teenage boys from the crowd below pointed up to my wife Katie** as they shouted this and burst into cruel laughter…

Nearly 100 people from the crowd below swiveled their heads to look at her, a few of them laughing as well.

The Ferris Wheel that held my wife and both our kids had groaned and screeched to a halt with my wife perched right on top, now beet-red from embarrassment.

Katie didn’t even want to go on this ride in the first place…

But our kids had begged their Mommy to go on it with them.

So she gave in.

After all, it was the easiest ride in the entire county fair and didn’t require her to get crushed by a safety bar to fit into.

But now the Ferris Wheel had entirely stopped and my wife Katie sat there, humiliated in the front of the laughing crowd.

She certainly had put on more than a few pounds over the years, but I knew there was no way that she had broken the Ferris Wheel.

But it didn’t matter because the damage was done.

She could feel the hundreds of pairs of eyes boring into her, and she had nowhere to hide but the palms of her hands.

Her face twisted as she tried to hold back her tears…

Looking back now, I wish I knew that this humiliating moment would ultimately lead me to discover a powerful, secret 2-second ritual that unlocked my wife’s “cellular fat trap…”

Causing 42 lbs of Stubborn Fat to Simply Pour Out of Her Body in
Just a Matter of Weeks

A secret so powerful that now anyone can use it to flush pounds of nagging fat from their belly, arms, necks and thighs without any diet or exercise.

If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would have never believed it, but it’s 100% true.

You see, Katie used to be young, thin, and full of life.

But now when she looked at herself naked in the bathroom mirror, all she could see…

  • Were her neck rolls and jiggly, ‘bat-wing’ arms
  • The bloated belly that flopped over her waistline
  • And her big, spongy thighs covered in cellulite.

In short… she felt gross.

Before my eyes, I had watched the vibrant, bubbly woman I once knew be reduced to a shell of her former self.

Katie fought daily against the nagging thought that stuck in the back of her mind…

“How could anyone love me like this?”

She felt like every day for the rest of her life, she would be trapped in the prison of her own body, without any hope for freedom.

It didn’t matter that she was a talented nurse, a devoted mother, and a loving wife with remarkable gifts to share with the world…

Everyone would always just see her as…

The one “fat person in the room”.

As I watched her swinging in the green Ferris Wheel gondola, high above the snickering crowd…

I had to ask myself… what had gone wrong?

Katie had Tried Nearly
Every Diet in Existence…

Keto, vegan, Atkins, paleo,
carnivore diet, and dozens more…

She would go out and run the streets at 6am, sweat buckets in her weekend kickboxing class, and wince up hill after hill on her Peloton bike.

Our kitchen constantly buzzed with the sound of her blending and juicing one of her latest “miracle concoctions…”

And our fridge was stocked from top to bottom with healthy foods like salads, fruits, chicken, nuts, and brown rice.

I mean it almost looked like the produce section of a grocery store.

Katie tried fasting 16 hours a day…

Then eating only one meal a day…

Then she just flat out stopped eating.

But every time she climbed back on the scale feeling weak, sore, and exhausted

Her tiny glimmer of hope turned into heartbreaking disappointment as she saw the numbers reflected back at her.

“Just 3 pounds? After all that work?”

She wanted to scrape away the rolls scarfed around her neck and the folds of fat clinging to her body.

Anything to get over the feeling of being a spectacle for people to watch, judge…

But nothing worked.

Until She Discovered the 2-Second Ritual that Allowed 42 lbs of Fat to Flood Out of Her Body…

The one I’m going to reveal to you in just a moment.

This powerful 2-second daily ritual would effortlessly melt pound after pound of ugly fat every day from Katie’s belly, neck, arms, and thighs…

  • Restoring her energy levels, youthful appearance, and slim figure she had in her twenties.
  • Her skin, once sagging and dull, became smooth and tight.
  • Her nails became bright and hard, and her hair shiny and strong from root to tip.

But more important than all of this was that the cloud of stress, anxiety, and depression that had hung over Katie daily…

Broke up with the light of a new joy, energy, and playfulness.

This 2-second daily ritual has already worked for thousands of men and women.

Who All Effortlessly Melted Pound After Pound of Stubborn Body Fat…

Without having to diet, exercise, fast
or suffer through any kind of restriction at all.

It’s not an expensive pill or powder that promises to burn the fat off of your body, while only burning a fat hole in your wallet.

It doesn’t have anything to do with hormones, thyroid, or your metabolism.

No, I guarantee that what I’m going to show you on this page is something you’ve never seen before.

Because it’s something so groundbreaking that most doctors have never heard of it.

Even though it comes straight from the lab of an award-winning doctor from the NYU Medical Research Center***

Who after more than 28 years of hard work has finally cracked the “fat code.”

Revealing that all of your unwanted weight gain is the result of a tiny “cellular fat gate” on the outside of your cells.

One that controls everything about how much fat you gain or lose.

And which, if it gets locked like it does in most overweight people…

Makes it almost impossible for you to lose fat no matter how hard you diet or exercise.

But don’t worry.

Because the 2-second daily ritual I’m going to reveal on this page is scientifically shown to break open this “cellular fat gate…”

Allowing a rapid flood of fat to pour out of your cells and out of your body.

You won’t hear about this discovery in ‘mainstream media.’

Heck, you’ll probably even have trouble finding it on the first page of Google.

And there’s a reason for that…

What I’m going to share with you here is a secret so powerful that it threatens to undermine the enormous $190-billion “medical industrial complex” that profits from your sickness.

Behind the scene, there are ‘powerful figures’ who will do anything they can to bury the controversial information I’m about to share with you and make sure you never hear about it.

Which is Why I Urge You to Stop Whatever You’re Doing Right Now, and Read this Short Letter to the Very End.

Because I don’t know how much longer
I’ll be allowed to keep it online.

You see as much as I love sharing this life-changing discovery with others…

I know that by sharing this information freely, I’m making myself and my family “enemy number one”.

And there’s a limit to how long I can put them at risk.

So if you want to finally learn the truth about how to rid yourself of your unwanted belly fat forever…

Then read this letter to the very end because inside I’m going to share a weight-loss secret so powerful that it allows you to…

Give up intense exercise and throw away all of those resistance bands and multi-colored dumbbells cluttering your house.
You won’t have to cut out any of your favorite foods: warm cookies, sumptuous brownies, rich ice cream, and delicious pasta.
All of these can stay on the menu as long as you follow the 2-second daily ritual that I’m about to share with you.

I’m also going to share…

  • Why eating foods like pepper or coffee to speed up your metabolism is a complete and total LIE fabricated for weight-loss marketing.
  • How two elite scientists discovered the “gene clipping effect” that makes it impossible for you to gain weight no matter how many fatty foods you eat.
  • Why the belief that your thyroid controls most of your fat hormones is completely wrong.
  • Instead, I’ll show you the real hormone behind all of your unwanted weight gain that scientists are calling the “Master Regulator.”
  • Why 9 out of 10 Biggest Loser contestants gain all of their weight back (and more) shortly after leaving the show, even though they diet and exercise just as hard.

Now I don’t know what divine forces led me to stumble onto this secret…

But I do know that it’s given me a feeling of deep responsibility to share it with anyone who is losing the battle with their waistline.

Which is why…

This Simple 2-Second Ritual Has Already Changed the Lives of More than 102,545 Other Men and Women…

So this will work for you.

It doesn’t matter if you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds…

Or whether you’re 20 or 80.

If you feel trapped by your belly fat and want to discover the shocking truth about how easy it can be to melt it off for good…

Then keep reading this letter.

Because in the next 5 minutes I’m going to reveal everything to you.

If you’re skeptical now, I understand.

In fact, I think that’s a good thing.

In this world of misinformation and lies, you owe it to yourself to question everything you hear.

You can’t afford to get your hopes up again, unless something’s the real deal.

So that’s why I’m going to back up everything I say with clinical research from leading scientists at some of the best research institutions in the world.

All of whom are saying…

“You no longer have to be trapped by your belly fat.”

All I ask is that you listen to the science, keep an open mind, and then decide for yourself if what I’m telling you is the truth.

I promise that you’ll be so thankful you did.

After Reading This Short Letter, You’ll be Able to Ditch All of Your Old, Baggy Clothes in Favor of New Sexy Outfits…

Ones you thought you
would never be able to fit into again.

  • Your skin will glow and your hair will shine.
  • And you’ll feel happier, healthier, and sexier than you have in decades.
  • You can spend a night out on the town where you don’t have to think twice about people’s judgmental stares.

Where you can feel totally free and confident and present.

As you glide across the room and feel the eyes of other men watching you.

You’ll see a spark in your husband’s eyes that you haven’t seen in a long time.

A mix of animal lust and pride that says, “You’re his woman…”

And when he says, “I only have eyes for you…”

You’ll finally know that he actually means it.

That’s the new world that awaits you on this page.

So let me begin by quickly telling you my story because we don’t have much time.

Hi, My Name is Brian Fox**.

I’m not a doctor, scientist, or some Harvard egghead.

No, I’m a retired airplane pilot of 40 years who’s flown thousands of people around the world for one of the biggest airlines in the country.

After visiting more than 50 countries…

What’s shocked me most over the years is seeing how many people around the world have become overweight.

Year after year I see passengers get larger, aisles become narrower, and seats become more and more cramped.

It didn’t happen overnight but over the last four decades I’ve seen firsthand how the “global pounds” have piled on slowly…

Just like they did for my wife Katie.

You see, Katie and I were high school sweethearts who got married right as I got out of the Air Force.

Back then we were young, healthy, fit, and in love…

Our friends envied our relationship because we were always the couple who could spend hours together just talking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.

But Things Started to Go Downhill When Katie Became Pregnant With 0ur First Daughter.

Like most women, she put on an extra 30 lbs of baby weight which we both knew was totally natural, so we didn’t think much about it.

Katie promised herself she would lose it all after the baby was born, so when our beautiful daughter Samantha came into the world…

She started dieting and exercising almost every day.

But the pounds just wouldn’t come off.

Then Katie got pregnant again and put on an additional 35 lbs of weight.

This time she became more self-conscious, so she tried even harder to lose the weight after our son was born.

But still, the stubborn fat around her belly refused to go.

It was almost like the pounds wanted to stay.

This vicious cycle of weight gain with very little weight loss continued with our next two kids…

Until the change in Katie’s body became obvious.

Soon she started wearing baggy clothes to hide her figure and desperately avoided pools, beaches or anywhere that others could see her body.

She Felt Triggered When She Caught a Glimpse of Herself Naked in the Bathroom Mirror.

All she could see was…

Her back flab and spare-tire love handles.

The veins and cellulite covering her butt and legs…

The rolls of disgusting fat on her stomach…

And her thick, bulging neck.

She constantly felt bloated, cramped, and constipated.

And gradually became consumed with feelings of shame, self-hate, and disgust.

She hated the judgmental looks that others gave her when she ate…

Or how people only seemed to see her size.

She hated how entitled people felt to make her body a topic of conversation.

So she started spending more time at home, trying to hide from the gaze of others.

Because of this, we started going out less.

Katie simply didn’t feel attractive anymore…

“What’s the point of wearing something sexy…”

She would ask me…

“…When no one would want
to have sex with me like this?”

Now, I loved Katie more than anything in the world and I meant it when I told her…

“I only want to be with you…”

But it was harder to be honest when I told her that I only had eyes for her.

I felt horrible when I would steal a look at some of her more fit friends who would come over to our house.

The ones who were able to maintain their slim figures throughout the years.

Katie might have noticed too because she stopped inviting those friends over.

And soon she was just isolating herself entirely.

Because we live in a small town, Katie became worried that she would run into one of our old classmates who would take one look at her and think…

“Wow, she really let herself go.”

So she started driving nearly 15 miles away to a nearby town just to go shopping.

When she did go to the grocery store, she would fill her cart with whatever foods were allowed on the fad diet she was trying at the time.

She was told, at different times, that eggs, bacon, toast, cereal and milk are all bad for you.

Only to be told the next month that those are the exact things she should be eating.

She Went From Low-Fat to Low-Carb to Low-Calorie… Back to High-Protein to High-Fruit to High-Fiber.

She tried diets from the Mediterranean
all the way down to South Beach.

Went on Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and guzzled enough SlimFast to drown an elephant.

She seemed to lose and regain the same 10 pounds over and over again and every time she seemed to have some success, she simply couldn’t maintain it.

Even though her joints hurt constantly, she kept showing up to the gym.

She did more push-ups and sit-ups than a high school football team… and tried pilates, yoga, HIIT, and cycling.

But all this only seemed to make her feel tired, exhausted, and sore and even hungrier than she was before.

Which is maybe something that you can relate to…

You work so hard to lose a few pounds, but only end up feeling hungrier and more exhausted than before.

Or you nearly starve yourself for days until finally you break and fall into another vicious binge cycle.

It seems like you always hit a plateau that you can’t push past.

The Harder You Try to Lose
More Weight, The Harder Your
Body Fights Against You.

Almost as if it wants you to stay fat.

That’s how it felt for Katie.

She became worried about what would happen to our kids if her poor health took her early.

She worried about rotting away from diabetes, or blowing out an artery from high blood pressure.

She was aware of her failing health but it seemed like there was just nothing more that she could do…

Not even the doctors could help.

As Katie once told me…

“It seems like even the doctors are
grossed out by fat people…”

One day she had a really bad experience at a medical office.

She went to a local dentist and one of the office managers pulled her aside to politely ask her about her weight.

When Katie told her, the manager had to gently turn her away because she was about 50 lbs over the dental chair’s weight limit.

She came home in tears that day.

She was So Embarrassed That She Needed to Lose 50 lbs Just to Have Some Dental Work Done.

But Katie, being the warrior that she is, just kept pushing.

She worked out even harder and ate even less…

But still nothing seemed to work and she spiraled deeper into a dark episode of depression.

After a few weeks, I decided that we had to do something to break up the gloom that had taken over our home.

My niece Bailey* * * *, a talented young medical researcher, had just come to visit us with her family and a county fair was taking place in a nearby town.

So we thought it would be a fun idea to get all of our kids together and go.

Normally Katie hated amusement parks.

She hated sweating in the hot sun, standing around for hours on her painful, swollen feet or playing the ‘mental Jenga’ of figuring out what rides she could fit on.

But even she could admit that our family needed a break, so she agreed to come.

Everyone had a great time at the fair.

I was so happy to catch up with my niece, and our kids were bouncing around full of joy.

Even Katie seemed to be enjoying herself.

When Night Started to Fall,
Our Kids Begged Her to Go On the Ferris Wheel With Them.

She reluctantly gave in, probably thinking to herself…

What could go wrong?

Everything was going fine as they lifted off the ground…

Until the unthinkable happened.

Right as the Ferris Wheel picked my wife up about halfway… it groaned loudly and then stopped moving altogether.

It was stuck.

From nowhere out of the gathering crowd, three teenage boys pointed up to her and yelled…

“That fat lady broke the Ferris wheel!”

Doubling over laughing at their joke and sending a wave of chuckles through the crowd.

I looked at my wife in horror as she turned beet-red from embarrassment.

It took about 15 minutes for the park technician to get the ride working again and to bring everyone to the ground safely.

The hundreds of people in the gathering crowd clapped as my wife and others climbed off the ride.

But Katie didn’t feel like celebrating… she wanted to cry.

So when my daughter came behind her and tugged at her oversized sweatshirt and asked…

“Mommy, did you break the Ferris Wheel?”

My wife couldn’t take it anymore.

She broke down into uncontrollable tears and my heart dropped into my stomach.

Looking in her eyes, I saw the most heartbreaking look I had ever seen.

“They made me a spectacle up there…”

she cried.

“I might as well have been the carnival freak!”

I tried to comfort Katie but she pushed me away.

It was one of the worst moments of my life.

But Little Did I Know That It Would Turn Out to Be the Start of Katie’s
42-Pound Miracle Transformation.

Right in that moment I decided that no matter what obstacle stood in my way…

I would find a way to help Katie fix this problem for good.

I would be the protector that I had promised I would be for her.

And I thank God for that moment every day, because it was this one decision that changed everything for us.

That night, after Katie went to bed, I opened my laptop and went to work.

I had no idea what I was doing or even where to begin.

So I just began searching “how to lose weight” on Google.

I started reading through every study, forum, and blog that I could find.

But it seemed like every link I clicked on just took me down another rabbit hole.

And after several hours I finally felt overwhelmed.

There was just so much information out there and I couldn’t make any sense of it.

I collapsed onto the couch, mentally exhausted from all the science, and turned on the TV to relax my mind.

As I Flipped Through the Channels,
I Stopped On an Episode of
“The Biggest Loser”.

The show where contestants compete
to see who can lose the most weight.

Normally I would never watch it, but this time it caught my attention.

It was the season finale and all of the contestants had lined up on the stage to see how much they all had lost.

They stood in front of old photos of themselves and, honestly, their transformations were pretty amazing.

I felt so moved by the episode that I felt inspired to keep researching.

I decided to look up any studies on the Biggest Loser, wondering if maybe there was some secret behind the contestants’ incredible weight loss.

So I opened up my laptop and began digging in.

But what I found next shook me to my core.

A 2016 study from the respected journal Obesity, conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, discovered that…

9 out 10 contestants from the Biggest Loser gain back all of their weight within just a few short months.

I couldn’t believe it.

All of those happy, smiling faces and 90% of them were doomed to end up right back where they started.

But then I found something even worse.

Not Only Did 9 Out of 10 Contestants Balloon Back Up to Their Original Size…

But all of them had something else switch inside their bodies that made them hoard fat in their cells.1

So now they had to eat a lot less just to maintain the weight they had in the first place.

For example, one of the show’s winners not onlyshot back up to his original weight of 295 lbs…

But I even found a New York Times Article that said he couldn’t eat any more than 800 caloriesor else his weight would climb back up even more.

“Anything else turns to fat,” he said.2

The lead scientist behind the study, Dr. Kevin Hall, said that the finding was “frightening and amazing…”3

Because it showed that the entire show was a sham.

Now when I watched it, I couldn’t see it in the same light as before.

I watched the contestants suffer through insane diets and hours of brutal exercise.

And thought about their millions of dollars’ worth of coaches, trainers, and nutritionists.

All of that and still…

90% of Them Would Gain Back All That Weight in Just a Few Months…

Ending up even worse than before.

I felt defeated.

If these people couldn’t lose the weight and keep it off…

What chance did my wife have?

It turns out I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

The lead scientist behind the study said himself…

“This is a subset of the most successful dieters… if they don’t show a return to normal in metabolism, what hope is there for the rest of us?”4

I was about to give up on my project entirely… when one last news article caught my attention.

It turns out that the “Biggest Loser Mystery” discovered in the study was so confusing to scientists that the American Heart Association actually announced a competition for scientists to try and figure it out.

Out of all of the applicants, only 4 teams of scientists were chosen and each was given huge grants in order to work on this problem and report their findings.5

I tore through the results of each team until I stumbled on one that seemed to hold the real key to not only to the “Biggest Loser Mystery…”

But also to the global obesity pandemic I had been witnessing develop in real time over the last 40 years.

The study had a complicated, technical title…

But I Could Feel Deep Inside That It Contained a Powerful Truth.

This time, however, I knew I couldn’t continue on my own.

If I was going to figure out this mystery, then I was going to need help.

Luckily, I knew exactly who to call.

My niece Bailey.

The same one who had joined Katie and I at the county fair.

You see, all of my relatives called Bailey the ‘family genius’.

She had graduated high school and college years earlier than her peers, then graduated at the top of her class in medical school.

After she completed her residency, she moved into one of the biggest research hospitals in the country where she was extremely successful.

But after only a few short years, she suddenly quit everything to work on what she called a “private project.”

I knew that Bailey was the only person who could help me make sense of all this complicated research and point me in the right direction.

So I picked up my phone and texted her.

“Hey Bailey. I know it’s late and this is weird. But I’m stuck on a little “science project” and need your help. Can we talk about this study?”

I linked the study I had found, hit send and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up to a text that said…

“Hey Brian. You texted the right person. You found something very interesting with that study.

I can’t explain more over text but if you come down to my lab today I’ll fill you in on everything.”

When I Arrived At Her Lab Later
That Day, I Walked into a
Normal-Looking Lobby.

When I was escorted through a set of double doors, I had no idea what was waiting for me on the other side.

But I was blown away by what I saw.

State-of-the-art medical equipment lined the walls and lab workers in white coats busily typed away on high-powered computers.

My niece came out to greet me and took me to her office.

“You have an amazing operation here,” I told her.

She smiled and said thank you.

And then she explained how she had left her research university because she felt “stuck” in all the bureaucracy and how nobody wanted to solve the real problems.

So she left to run her own privately-funded lab where she could do the real research she always wanted to do.

I was very impressed… but I was also eager to learn what I had come for.

So as soon as we sat down in her office, I told her…

“I need your help to understand how I can help Katie.

You have to help me understand what’s going on here and what I can do to help.

Start from the very beginning, and explain it to me like I’m 5.”

She smiled and then said,

“Look, it’s actually pretty simple. Think of your fat cells like balloons.

When you eat, these cells fill up with a kind of ‘liquid fat’ and when your body needs to burn energy, these cells will release that ‘liquid fat’ into your system and your cells will shrink.

When these ‘fat balloons’ fill up and expand, you gain weight.

And when these ‘fat balloons’ shrink, you lose weight.”

That part felt simple enough, so I nodded to her to keep going.

“Well, here’s where things get interesting,” she said.

“You know that study that you sent me last night…

The one from NYU Langone Medical Research Center that won nearly $4 million dollars to solve the “Biggest Loser Mystery”?

Well. it was led by one of the country’s top Endocrinology Professors, Dr. Ann Marie Schmidt***.

Who in 2019 announced that she had discovered a tiny “modulator of obesity” on the outside of our fat cells.

One that controls everything about how ‘liquid fat’ can go into and out of the cell.

Scientists call it the ‘Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Product.’

But Since I Know Science is Not Really Your Thing Let’s Just Call It the ‘Cytokine Gate…’

Because that’s exactly how it functions…
like a gate.6

When the ‘Cytokine Gate’ is open, fat can pour out of the cell freely.

“But when your ‘Cytokine Gate’ is closed, fat gets trapped in the cell and grows bigger and bigger.

Because the fat can’t leave the cell, it doesn’t matter how little you eat or how much you exercise.

You’ll continue to gain weight.

This is why, according to the study…

“Today’s therapeutic approaches […] are often not effective and do not address the fundamental cause.” 7

“Trying to lose fat when your ‘Cytokine Gate’ is shut is like trying to push water out of a balloon that has a knot around its opening… nothing happens.

But as soon as you untie that knot and open up the ‘Cytokine Gate’…

A flood of fat comes rushing out of your cells, allowing them to shrink back to their normal, healthy size.

You following all this?” she asked.

I nodded yes.

“Good, because what I’m about to show you is incredible.

In that same 2019 study, the scientists decided to test their ‘Cytokine Gate’ theory.

So they fed two sets of mice a high-fat diet until their fat cells ballooned up and the mice became obese.

In that same 2019 study, the scientists decided to test their ‘Cytokine Gate’ theory.

So they fed two sets of mice a high-fat diet until their fat cells ballooned up and the mice became obese.

Then they went into the DNA of half of these mice and ‘deleted’ the gene for their ‘Cytokine Gate’ so that it could stay permanently open.

What happened over the next few weeks amazed them.

Those mice with the open ‘Cytokine Gate’ lost nearly 75% of their weight and their cells shrunk back down to their normal size.

Even though they kept eating the high-fat diet!8

In other words…

These Scientists Proved
That Your Diet Has Almost Nothing to Do With How Much You Eat or Don’t Eat…

Instead, it has everything to do with whether your ‘Cytokine Gate’ is open or not.”

“So this is the real reason why Katie can’t lose weight?” I asked.

“Exactly,” my niece said.

“But that’s not the only surprising thing these scientists found.

They also discovered that when you shut the ‘Cytokine Gate’…

Not only do you trap fat inside your cells but a lot of other nasty “side effects” start to take place too.

Your metabolism turns from a fiery furnace into a weak candle flame.

And leptin, the ‘hunger hormone’ that tells your brain when you’re full, completely drains out of your system. 9

In other words, once your ‘Cytokine Gate’ closes…

Your body’s entire ‘fat-burning system’ grinds to a screeching halt making it almost impossible for you to lose weight no matter how hard you diet or exercise.

That’s exactly what happened to that Biggest Loser winner who now or else he’ll get even bigger than 300 lbs.

Dr. Schmidt describes this process as a “metabolic brake”that “puts the brakes on our ability to lose fat.10

In Other Words, Once
Your ‘Cytokine Gate’ Shuts, Losing Weight Becomes
Almost Impossible.

I was reeling from all this new information.

It was all so simple and made so much sense… but it was still so shocking.

It seemed like I had truly had finally come across the real root cause of Katie’s weight, but I still had questions.

“What causes the ‘Cytokine Gate’ to shut in the first place?” I asked.

“I’m glad you asked that,” Bailey said.

“You see, our ‘Cytokine Gate’ is only supposed to shut down during emergencies.11

Things like freezing weather, long famines or periods of extreme stress.

Back in prehistoric times this would have helped us survive hard times because if we’re starving, the fat would be trapped in our cells for us to use later.

But nowadays, for most overweight people, it’s shut down all the time even when we’re not stressed.

Like Dr. Schmidt says,”

Even in “times of plenty”, the ‘Cytokine Gate’ is still able “to exert that unfortunate role of hoarding the energy and not allowing it to be expended.”

I thought for a moment.

“Well if it’s only supposed to be closed in emergencies… why is it closed all the time now?” I asked.

She hesitated for a moment, almost like she was afraid to tell me.

“Toxins,” she finally said.

“Technically they’re called ‘toxic oligomers’.

“But Just Think of Them
as Chemicals in Our Air,
Food and Water…

that shut down our ‘Cytokine Gates’
and cause our cells to hoard fat.

As Dr. Baillie-Hamilton***, an Oxford-educated doctor from Stirling University, puts it…

“[…] chemicals are the basis behind the global epidemic, because at the levels of chemicals we are being exposed to, they’re poisoning our weight control systems, which is damaging our ability to lose weight and make us fatter.”12

And now, unfortunately, there are more toxins in our environment than ever before in history.13

I mean just look at this chart…

It shows very clearly how as the red line of chemical production goes up, so does the blue line showing rates of obesity.

This is pretty damning evidence that toxins are behind everything…”14

“So what can we do about all this?” I asked, almost afraid of what Bailey’s answer might be.

She paused for a moment, then said.

“Leave the planet.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused by her answer.

“Look,” she said. “The sad truth is that there’s really no way to escape these toxins.

As Dr. Hamilton Puts It,
These “Toxins are
Absolutely Everywhere.”

And even though, in most cases, these toxins are actually pretty harmless…

When it comes to your body’s ability to lose fat and keep the ‘Cytokine Gate’ open… they’re deadly”.

For the first time she looked defeated.

And she could probably see the growing disappointment on my face as well.

“Look,” she said, “I know how you feel. I’ve known about all of this research for a while now and for the last few years…. It’s haunted me.”

Bailey reached into a drawer on her desk, and pulled out a small vial filled with a golden liquid and handed it to me.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“This,” she said, “Is what I’ve been working on in secret for the past few years.

It was supposed to be the most powerful weight-loss formula ever created.

I wanted to be the first one to finally solve the riddle of obesity, without having to resort to nasty drugs or expensive surgeries.

It’s taken me nearly 3 years and many countless nights to design it, but… ”

She stopped and her face became serious.

“It’s doomed to fail.”

“You see, I spent so much time trying to figure out how to jumpstart people’s metabolism, reduce their cravings, and fix their hormones and this liquid does all of that.

But there’s still one thing it can’t do…

I cut her off… “Open the Cytokine Gate?”

“Exactly,” she said.

“And everything I’ve just shown you proves that unless you can find a way to open it, your body will continue to hoard fat in your cells no matter what you do.”

In Other Words,
If You Don’t Figure Out
a Way to Open the ‘Gate’…

You are doomed by your biology.”

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“There’s just no answer to your question and unless I figure out an answer…

Not only will Katie never lose her weight but I’m probably going to lose all of my funding and have to shut down everything too.”

I left her lab feeling even more defeated than I had before.

If there was no way to get away from the toxins in our air, food, and water…

The ones that circulate in our system and slam our “Cytokine Gates” shut…

Then how could Katie ever find success in losing her weight?

I thought I had reached the end of my journey…

But little did i know that the answer was about to fly smack-dab into my face at a church cookout that next weekend.

I was working the grill and watching guests arrive one by one when someone walked in who seemed to catch everyone’s attention.

A large crowd gathered around them, excitedly talking about something.

I left the grill to go see what the commotion was about…

And to my surprise I found that it was my old friend Bob** who had just moved back from out of town.

It was Bob alright, but something about him was totally different.

For One, It Looked Like He
Had Lost More than 50 lbs…

His large beer belly that used to stick out over his waistline had completely shrunk into a flat stomach.

His face was lean and you could even see muscle definition in his arms.

But it didn’t just look like he had lost weight… it looked like he had lost ten years.

I couldn’t believe his transformation, so I pulled him aside and told him…

“Bob, you look great. What’s your secret?”

Bob smiled, shook his head and looked around to see if anyone could hear us.

“Look,” he said.

“We’ve been friends for a long time, so I’ll tell you.

But you have to promise not to tell anyone else.

This is my dirty little secret and I really don’t want anyone else to know about it.

You see, a few years back I went on a mission trip to Cameroon on the West Coast of Africa.

During my first week there I noticed that a lot of the people in the city were overweight or even obese.

I even pointed this out to our guide who told us that this had just started happening in the last few decades.

But when he took us out to visit the tribe that lived in the rainforest just outside of the city…

I was shocked to see how tall, thin and strong they all were.

Health Seemed to Radiate From Every Part of Their Body.

While everyone in the city seemed
old and sickly… these people
almost seemed superhuman.

I was so shocked by the difference between them that I made it my goal to figure out the root cause behind it.

At first I assumed it had to be a genetic difference…

But my guide assured me that the people in the city and in the tribe were so closely related that their DNA was almost identical.

So then I thought that it must be their diet.

But in fact, because deforestation has hurt so much of their environment…

The nearby tribe lived almost entirely off of food delivered from relief organizations.

So everything they eat is heavily processed.

Which means it’s safe to say that their diet is even worsethan that of the people in the city.

Finally I thought that maybe they simply got more exercise, but my guide assured me that most of them only worked for about 1 hour a day…

So they even moved less than their city-dwelling neighbors.”


As Bob took a pause, my head started spinning…

Knowing what I did now about the “Cytokine Gate,” and how toxins trigger it to lock fat into cells

I was certain that the tribespeople must not be exposed to toxins and that’s why they weren’t overweight.

So I asked Bob if the tribe lived far away from any source of pollution.

His answer shocked me. “No, not at all,” he said.

“One, they live right outside the city, so they drink the same water and breathe the same air.

Two, the tribe lives right downstream from a major factorythat probably exposes them to even more pollutants.”

Something wasn’t adding up.

Everything I knew about the true root cause of obesity said that this tribe should be more overweight than people in the city.

They ate more processed foods. …

They moved less and they lived right in the center of a lot of pollution.

Bob said he was confused by it too.

Until one day…

He Noticed that Before Every Meal the Tribe Members Would Sprinkle a Red Powder On Top of Their Food.

“When I asked them about it,” he said.

They told me it was an ancient tribal secret. Something that they never shared with outsiders…

But I because I showed such an interest in them and their way of life…

One of the leaders of the tribe took me aside and gave me a small bag of the powder.

He told me to take one pinch in the morning and another at night and that when I did, my belly would completely ‘fall off.’

Now I didn’t believe him at first…

You know how long I’ve looked like this, and it just seemed too easy.

But I started taking it twice a day like he said, which wasn’t easy because it tasted absolutely horrible.”

He moved closer to me and whispered…

“I’ve lost nearly 57 pounds with this stuff, Brian.
It’s a miracle…”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I Knew Right In That Moment
That I Had Stumbled Upon an Incredible Secret…

One that might hold the key to Katie’s weight loss.

I didn’t want to get my hopes up again just to be let down, but I didn’t want to let the amazing opportunity in front of me slip away either.

So I begged Bob to give me a small amount of the powder into a bag for me.

He didn’t want to at first because he didn’t have much left and he wasn’t sure when he was going to get more.

But when he saw the desperation on my face, he finally put a few pinches of the powder in a tiny Ziploc and placed it in my hand.

“Protect this like gold,” he said.

The next day I raced back to my niece’s lab and told her Bob’s entire story… including his incredible transformation.

I handed her the powder and asked her to run some tests on it.

“Maybe this is the answer we’ve been praying for,” I said.

I could tell she was intrigued, but didn’t want to get her hopes up in case it turned out to be another failure.

“Let me run some tests,” she said. “I’ll call you in 3 days.”

It was the longest 3 days of my entire life.

But finally my niece called me and told me to rush down to her lab as soon as I could.

When I walked into her lab, she was beaming with joy.

“Brian…” she said. “You’re not going to believe what happened… I’ve tested this every way I can think of and it works!

It Completely Opens Up the ‘Cytokine Gate’ On the Outside of Fat Cells…

Allowing fat to just pour out of them.

I think we’ve finally cracked the code!” Her voice broke from her excitement and we embraced in a hug.

“Brian, that powder you gave me is an extract called Irvingia Gabonensis…

It’s extremely rare and this sample you’ve given me is one of the purest forms I’ve ever seen.”

I even went back to look at any research on this extract.

And sure enough it’s been shown to have “significant improvements” in weight loss.

It works by entering your fat cells and releasing the “Cytokine Gate” from its emergency “shut” position.

In one study, researchers found that the extract “resulted in both weight reduction” and ”an improvement in metabolic parameter.”15

In another study of 28 subjects, the group that took the extract lost nearly 4 times more body fatthan the group that didn’t.16

And in another double-blind study of 102 volunteers…

Those who took this extract saw “significant improvements in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference…”17

“The evidence is undeniable,” my niece said. “This stuff is powerful and it works…”

She handed me a small vial filled with the same liquidbefore.

“I used what was left of the powder to make this,” she said.

“It’s the super-formula I’ve spent the last few years making mixed with the extract your friend gave you.

It should not only open someone’s ‘Cytokine Gate,’ but now it’s supercharged with 10 other fat-burning super nutrients.

It’s the Most Powerful Formula Ever Made and the Only One Like It In the World.

I want you to have it,” she said. “Give it to your wife.”

That night I went home and told Katie everything that had happened.

I explained to her why I was always rushing out of the house…

About my niece and her research project.

And finally, about Bob’s secret West African powder.

Then I showed her the tiny bottle my niece had given me and told her that I wanted her to be the first one to try it out.

At first, she was reluctant.

I knew she wanted to believe, but she was simply afraid of getting her hopes up again.

She must have seen the passion in my eyes, though, because she eventually agreed to try it for 1 week.

“I’m doing this for you,” she said. “But I don’t think anything’s going to happen.”

I told her to mix 10 drops in water 3 times daily, just like my niece had instructed.

When the First 10 Drops Mixed in Water Hit Her Tongue, She Told Me that It Tasted Surprisingly Good

And that she was impressed
by the quality of the formula.

The next day I asked her if she felt any different.

“I slept a little better,” she said. “But I don’t feel anything else.”

When she went to the bathroom to step on the scale, she was still the same weight as the night before.

I felt disappointed, but I still believed in the formula.

The next day she stepped on the scale again and this time she had lost 2 pounds!

It wasn’t a big leap by any means…

Katie was used to dropping and putting on 2 pounds all the time.

But it was just enough to bring a small smile to her face.

“Maybe it was just water weight, though,” she said.

But the Next Day,
Things Started to Get Even Better.

Katie stepped on the scale and
ahad lost another 3 pounds.

Pretty soon she had lost 10 lbs and then another 15…

Every day she would lose another 1 to 2 pounds of visceral fat…

Until within only 3 weeks…

She had lost over 31 lbs!

My wife couldn’t believe how easily the weight just kept coming off.

She hadn’t changed anything about her diet and she wasn’t even working out.

But pound after pound of ugly fat melted from her belly, thighs, and arms…

  • She dropped nearly 3 dress sizes.
  • Her skin tightened and radiated a youthful glow.
  • Even her hair went from thin and dry to as sleek and shiny as it was in her 20’s.
  • Her cravings had also completely went away and she had no trouble pushing away food whenever she felt full.
  • She would bounce out of bed every morning with a new zest and energy for life.

Even Others Started to Notice Her Remarkable Transformation and Would Ask Her About Her Secret.

A few of her girlfriends accused her of
getting liposuction.

I couldn’t help but notice the other men who started giving her more attention, which made me jealous…

But it also made me proud.

My wife was hot.

And I just couldn’t keep my hands off of her.

One night we went out on our first date in a long time.

And as I sat across the table from Katie, I thought that she looked as beautiful as I had ever seen her…

Just as radiant and feminine as she had been on her wedding day.

Suddenly I swelled with an incredible desire for her.

I grabbed her by the hand and we ran out of the restaurant without even finishing our food…

We checked into a hotel across the street and ran to our room, laughing all the way up the elevator.

We could hardly wait to get inside our room before we were tearing each other’s clothes off with a passion we hadn’t had in years…

And that night we had one of the most intimate, passionate, and satisfying nights of our entire marriage.

It felt like we had finally come full circle… back to the love and bliss we once had.

After That Night, I
Realized What We Had to Do.

There was no way that I could live with myself and keep this incredible secret only between me and my wife.

Millions of others deserved to experience the same freedom that Katie had found.

So I contacted my niece Bailey and my friend Bob and together we worked on refining the formula that had given my wife’s life back.

The process was long and difficult, with many ups and down.

It wasn’t easy to purify the powder, figure out perfect measurements for each ingredient, or bring down the costs of importing each one.

But eventually, after several long months, we had done it.

We finally had our first batch of 72 bottles of the most potent weight-loss formula ever invented.

We decided to run a small test of the formula, so we gathered a small circle of close friends and family.

As well as a few people we found on social media who were interested in our offer.

We asked everyone to take 10 drops of the formula in water, three times daily and report back any changes to us.

We weren’t sure what the results would be, but we knew that if they were anything like Katie’s, they would be a great success.

It wasn’t long before our phones were ringing with the news…

One Man Lost 17 lbs…
Another Woman Lost 48 lbs…

And one of our friends lost an amazing 72 lbs in only a few short months.

Everyone was having as good, or even better, success than my wife.

The change was unbelievable, and no one could believe how simple the solution was.

Just 10 drops in water three times a day, and the fat simply poured out of their bodies.

It was like a dam had been opened…

And now people were free, who had been trapped for many long decades.

Soon we had dozens of people every day who were knocking on our doors, dying to get their hands on the secret formula we had invented.

We knew that it wouldn’t be long before word of this miracle would spread so fast that we would run out of our supply.

So we doubled down on our efforts, converted my niece’s lab into a pristine manufacturing center…

And continued to refine our formula into the safest, easiest, and most potent
fat-loss support system the world has ever seen.

So now I’m excited to reveal to you, for the first time ever…


This is the most powerful weight-loss formula ever created and the only one designed to open the vicious “Cytokine Gate” that’s trapped fat in your cells for far too long.

  • Allowing pound after pound of visceral, ugly fat to pour out from your body
  • Flattening your stomach
  • Melting fat away from your face, neck, and cheeks
  • And restoring definition to your arms and thighs
  • All while giving you the slim figure you had in your twenties

VivaSlim™ is made from 12 of Earth’s highest-quality plant extracts and vitamins.

And it’s processed in a pristine, GMP-certified facility under the safest and most sterile standards.

So this liquid doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals, but is still powerful enough to melt pounds of raw ugly fat from your body every day.

No matter what you’ve tried before in the past…

VivaSlim Will Work for You.

Within just 7 days of using this formula…

You’ll begin to notice your face, arms, and belly noticeably tighten.

As you step on the scale each day, you’ll watch as pound after pound falls away for good.

You’ll wake up every morning feeling more energized than you ever have before.

And will feel proud when you look at your body in the mirror or undress in front of your husband.

Other men will start to notice you too and a few might even try to chat you up.

Women who have known you for years will stop you in the street, amazed at your new figure.

Telling you that you look better than you have in years, and will lower their voice to ask you your secret.

You’ll smile, knowing how simple the true answer really is.

Just Two Drops of This Great-Tasting Liquid Under Your Tongue in the Morning and Night…

And pounds of fat pour out of your body.

Just like they did for David and Susan.

David Green of Charleston, South Carolina who said,

“I really can’t believe it. In just a few months I’ve lost 46 lbs. Now I’ve got more energy than my grandkids!”

Or Susan Howell from Bloomington, Illinois who says,

“Wow, wow, wow! What else can I say? I feel beautiful. I feel amazing and my husband can’t keep his hands off me. This is a totally new life for me. I just wish I knew about it sooner…”

These results are so powerful and unique to VivaSlim™…

Because it’s the only formula designed to unlock the “Cytokine Gate” that traps fat in your cells.

And because VivaSlim™ is also fortified with 10 other super ingredients that have been scientifically shown to help people lose weight…

These are the ingredients my niece discovered after several years of hard work.

And together they create a powerful “synergistic effect,” making the fat-burning process work even faster.

I know you’re excited to find out how you can start using this for yourself… but i do need to share these other 10 powerful ingredients with you.

So You Can Understand Just How Powerful VivaSlim™ Truly Is…

So let me quickly tell you what these ingredients are.

First, there’s L-Ornithine

Which has been shown to detoxify the body and maintain lean muscle which is your body’s most powerful natural fat burner.18

Then there’s L-Carnitine

Which in a big meta-analysis of 9 randomized studies showed that “subjects who received carnitine lost significantly more weight.”19

There’s also Maca

A nutritious Peruvian herb which skyrockets energy levels20, boosts your mood21and improves cognitive function.22

And there’s L-Arginine

Which in a study of 33 patients was shown to significantly reduce body weight and waist circumference, especially when combined with other supplements.23

On top of all of these other super nutrients is Beta Alanine

Which boosts energy levels and helps maintain lean muscle mass so you can burn more fat while resting.24

And L-Glutamine,

A powerful amino acid which in a study of 20 women led to significant weight loss and even better insulin regulation.25

Finally there are 4 additional nutrients like Niacin, African Plum Bark, Rhodiola and Astragalus.

Which have all been shown to eliminate brain fog26, lower cholesterol27, reduce inflammation28, decrease stress29, and support a healthy immune system30.

So when you take VivaSlim™, not only do you get the only formula designed to crack open your “Cytokine Gate”…

But also these 10 other fat-burning super nutrients… which help fat pour out of your body and strengthen your overall health.

Now, Before We Continue,
I Want to Ask You a Question.

Over the last few minutes I’ve been entirely open with you about my wife’s pain and struggles…

As well as the obstacles that we faced on our journey of discovery.

So while we’re being open and honest with each other…

I want to ask you this…

What will happen if you don’t take action today?

Is it possible that in one month from now you could find yourself looking in the mirror again…

Feeling frustrated as you see the pounds of raw fat still clinging to your body?

You can feel your arms jiggle as you raise them…

Your thighs rubbing together and burning a hole through your jeans.

The fat still wrapped around your neck.

God forbid you ever find yourself in an embarrassing situation like my wife…

With a large crowd of people treating you like a spectacle.

Or run into an old friend, knowing that the first thing they think to themselves is… “Wow, she really let herself go.”

Friend, this fate doesn’t have to be yours.

Because with VivaSlim™ you have everything you need to drop more weight than you ever thought possible.

I don’t want you to suffer through any more frustration… only to come back to this page later and find that it’s been taken down.

So Now I’m Going To Tell You
Exactly How You Can Get
Your Hands On VivaSlim.

As you know, VivaSlim uses only the
most premium, high-quality extracts for
every single one of our ingredients.

Each of these ingredients has to be sourced directly from its native origin…

Where they are then processed in a clean, sterile environment that follows GMP standards, before being purified and refined.

While other companies like to “cut corners” on their ingredients…

We believe in only serving you the purest, most high-quality ingredients on the market.

In fact, a recent study found that out of 11 sources that claimed to use authentic Irvingia gabonensis, the extract proven to open your “Cytokine Gate”…

Only one sample contained even “trace constituents” of the extract.31

Do you really want to risk taking something that isn’t even authentic?

Now it’s understandable why some companies try to cut corners, because sourcing these premium ingredients isn’t easy.

Sometimes a shipping route gets interrupted or a harvest doesn’t go as expected.

Meaning that you either have to shut down production for a while, or try to cut your ingredients with something less potent.

Well, I would rather risk completely running out of our supply than give you anything less than the highest-quality ingredients.

Which is why word has spread so fast about how powerful this formula is.

Thousands are Starting to Reach Out Asking How They Can Get Their Hands on VivaSlim As Well…

Because they want to try this “miracle liquid” that all of their friends have been talking about for themselves.

And while I love being able to help so many people with their weight loss…

This growing attention does mean that demand often outstrips supply and our products goes out of stock.

And this isn’t some sort of marketing gimmick.

It’s just the reality of how painstaking and rigorous our formulation process is.

As well as the fact that we go out of our way to source only the highest-quality ingredients.

So, I’m going to tell you the truth, occasionally we do run out of VivaSlim™.

And people are unable to get their hands on it.

Which is why so many of our customers keep coming back to us to reorder new packages before they run out.

And it’s why…

When They Do Order, They Make Sure to Get the Largest Package Available.

You see, we offer VivaSlim in 1 bottle,
3 bottle, and 6 bottle packages.

Each bottle lasts about a month.

So after your first bottle, the powerful formula will enter your body and begin to open your “Cytokine Gate” to allow a steady flow of fat to begin to leave the cells.

You’ll lose a few pounds and slowly begin to feel your metabolism come back to life.

After 3 months, though, your “Cytokine Gate” will almost fully open…

Fat will begin to rapidly pour of your body, and some people report losing 1-2 pounds every day.

And finally, around the 6-month mark…

Your “Cytokine Gate” will have been broken wide open so that fat can rush out of your cells faster than they can fill.

And not only this…

  • But your metabolism will have reignited to help incinerate all of the fat that is shedding from your body.
  • Leptin, the hormone that tells you when you’re full, will again flood your system, killing all of your cravings.
  • And your body’s entire “fat-burning system” will begin to activate at full capacity.
  • More fat leaves your body, as more energy, life, and happiness begin to fill it.

It’s This 6-Month “Golden Period” Where You Can Experience the
Full Effects of VivaSlim.

Which is why even though you can
order whatever size package you prefer…
Most people choose to order the largest one.

They don’t ever want to be caught in a situation where they’re no longer able to get their hands on this formula.

They also don’t ever want to be caught in a situation like most Biggest Loser contestants.

Where they lose a lot of weight and then have their “Cytokine Gate” snap shut, filling your cells with more fat than ever before.

Instead they want to make sure to enjoy the full effect of VivaSlim™ that occurs at around 6 months.

So that’s why I’ve decided to go all in on making it as easy as possible for you to lose weight and keep it off for good.

When you order your 6-month package of VivaSlim™ today, I’m going to give you the largest discount on your order that I’ve ever given before.

You see, when Bailey, Bob and I first designed this formula…

We thought very seriously about how low we could set the price and still be able to continue production.

So we asked those in our test run what they would be willing to pay to use VivaSlim™ for an entire month.

The Answers Were All Over the Place…

With most people saying that they would pay between $90 and $200 a month to use VivaSlim.

In the words of one of these women…

“Even at $500 a month I’d probably still think about it. My new body and the way I feel now is worth a lot more than that.”

So based on all of this data…

We decided that we would set the price of VivaSlim™ at $89 per bottle.

I knew the number was more than fair based on the quality of our ingredients and the cost of production.

But something didn’t sit right with me.

Even though $89 was an incredible deal, I felt like there had to be a way for us to push the cost down even more.

It took us a while to figure it out, but we streamlined our manufacturing process, made new deals with our suppliers and ultimately were able to cut our price by more than 50%…

So now, I’m proud to say…

You can get a single bottle of VivaSlim™ for as little as $49.

That’s $40 off of our original price, which I know will allow many more people to enjoy the full power of this formula.

But now I’m about to make the deal even sweeter.

You see, when we last checked our inventory, we had…

147 bottles left.

And since you’ve already spent so much time on this page and dedicated yourself to learning the truth about all of your unwanted weight gain…

I’m going to make you a special offer.

On this page only…

And until we run out of the 147 bottles from our last batch…

You Can Get a Single Bottle of VivaSlim for Only $31 When You Order a Package of 6.

That’s a 6-month supply of VivaSlim for only a little more than the price we originally decided to sell it at.

In other words, you’re paying for a single bottle and getting almost 5 free, which is an incredible deal.

And remember that after 6 months of using VivaSlim™ is when your body enters the “golden period” that breaks open your “Cytokine Gate” to allow fat to pour out…

While also ramping up your metabolism to the strongest it’s ever been.

So assuming that you don’t see a “Sold Out” button anywhere on this page…

You can now get a 6-month supply of VivaSlim™ for only $31 a bottle.

Or you can also get a 3-month supply and receive a slightly smaller discount, so you end up only paying $39 per bottle.

Like I said, it’s recommended that you take VivaSlim™ for 6 months to see the greatest effect.

And Now You Can Do It For
Just a Mere $1 a Day.

Just a single dollar bill to free yourself forever from the stubborn fat that clings to your body, threatens your health, and robs you of your life.

So go ahead now and click the order button below to get 6 bottles of VivaSlim™.

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We’ll cover the entire cost of your shipping and rush your order to you within 5 to 7 days, depending on where you live.

You won’t be enrolled in any kind of auto-billing subscription or anything like that.

I hate that kind of thing and frankly it would be impossible for us to do it anyways because of how often we run out of our supply.

No, this is a one-time payment and you won’t be charged again unless you place another order.

Once Your Supply of VivaSlim Arrives On Your Doorstep, After Days of You Waiting in Anticipation…

You’ll likely want to go ahead and tear into it,
pull out the cool glass bottle and see the
miracle liquid floating inside.

You’ll pull out the dropper and quickly place two pleasant-tasting drops underneath your tongue.

Within days you’ll begin to notice pounds fall off your body and your energy levels begin to slowly rise.

After just a few weeks of using VivaSlim™, others will also start to notice your change.

People will compliment you more and might even start asking to know your secret.

This is the very near future that awaits.

I’m so confident in saying that, that I’m going to personally back up my claim.

You see, you don’t have to believe that VivaSlim™ will melt away the fat from your belly, neck, arms, and thighs and cause you to lose so much weight that your husband, friends, and even doctors will be astonished…

All you have to do is test it for yourself.

Here’s what I mean.

Order your 6 bottles of VivaSlim™ today and begin trying it in as early as 5 days.

Try it for a full week, and if you don’t notice any of the remarkable changes I’ve promised here…

Or you’re simply just not completely amazed by the product…

Send Us a Note and We’ll
Refund 100% of Your Money.

This is an unconditional guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

At Simple Promise™, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us. Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you’re 100% satisfied, or your money back. You can place your order safely knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Give VivaSlim™ a try and see the difference it brings to your life. If at any time you are not happy with VivaSlim™, just send back your empty bottles and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked. We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

As long as you write to us within 365 days of today

We’ll give you every single penny back that you invested into VivaSlim™.

We’ll be happy to give you a prompt and friendly refund.

This is our way of taking the risk completely off of your shoulders. And of making it as easy as possible for you to order today.

Best of all: You don’t need to starve yourself anymore and give up your favorite snacks and treats to get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Listen to What Some of Our 31,578 Success Stories Have to Say.

People like you and me who have transformed not only their bodies, but their lives with the help of VivaSlim :

First, Patricia, 43 years young from Miami, Florida:

“The brain fog I’ve been suffering from for years just went away and I’m sharper than ever.”

“I’ve been thin all my life. But I had 3 kids and gained more and more weight during each pregnancy, in total 54 lbs.

Now I’ve lost all those pounds, I feel fabulous, and I’m wearing cute dresses again and getting attention like in my younger years.

Oh, and something happened that I didn’t expect: The brain fog I’ve been suffering from for years just went away and I’m sharper than ever.”

Next up is Sean, 69, from Des Moines, Iowa:

“ I lost 36 lbs and the other day…”

“I’m a retired firefighter and have 3 kids and 4 grandkids and can outrun and outwork all of them.

I lost 36 lbs and the other day — just for giggles — I put on my old wrestling gear from college. Man, I looked fit and my wife loved it.”

Last but not least, Linda from San Diego, California:

“It’s been 6 months since then and I’ve lost a staggering 49 pounds of ugly fat! I’m a changed woman. ”

“I’ve been chubby all my life and tried every trendy diet over the past 25+ years. Especially out here on the West Coast with the beach culture there is so much pressure to look fit.

Nothing worked until I found VivaSlim. I dropped 7 lbs the first week by raising my adiponectin levels and fat just started flowing out of my cells. It’s been 6 months since then and I’ve lost a staggering 49 pounds of ugly fat! I’m a changed woman.

And I’ve found this self-esteem I never thought I had. And that’s not all. My husband who seemed to have lost interest after our second child now can’t keep his hands off of me.

If I only knew about this solution sooner…”

If you want to experience the same dramatic weight loss results, start using VivaSlim™ as soon as possible.

A life full of energy and a flat tummy, without ugly fat around your hips, butt, and thighs is right within reach.

It’s simpler than you think.

So click the button below to order your 6 bottles of VivaSlim™ or whichever size you prefer to buy.

And feel absolutely protected by our 100% risk-free guarantee.

Click the button below now and here’s to your new life of freedom!

Thank you for reading.

Brian Fox

Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle

Still here?

After working with thousands of happy customers, I started to collect a lot of questions that people have about VivaSlim™.

So I copied down all of the most common ones so I can answer them for you here today.

This way you don’t have to wait to get your questions answered and can buy today with total confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s based off the groundbreaking research from NYU Langone Medical Center which found that your fat cells have a “gate switch” on the outside that locks fat in your cells.

This “Cytokine Gate” is only supposed to be shut during extreme circumstances.

But because of the level of toxins in our air, food, and water, this “Cytokine Gate” has become fully shut, trapping fat in your cells.

By using VivaSlim™, you gently open this “Gate” and allow a flood of fat to come rushing out of your cells, causing you to lose weight.

Yes, VivaSlim™ is totally safe and has no known side effects.

It’s manufactured using the highest-quality ingredients and processed in a clean, sterile environment that is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified.

No one has reported any noticeable or serious side effects.

Of course, you should always consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.

Just mix 10 drops in water or beverage of your choice 3 times daily.

A dropper will be provided with each bottle.

This happens more often than you might think.

In those instances, we recommend taking VivaSlim™ once a day instead of the regular 3 times a day.

And as always, consult with your doctor.

VivaSlim™ is scientifically proven to work for anyone regardless of their age, weight, or gender.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, 20 years old or 80 years old, or need to lose 20 pounds or 100 pounds.

VivaSlim™ will work for you.

Although every person’s body is different, most people notice their change within the first week.

Your belly will start to flatten and you’ll likely notice that clothes will feel looser.

By 3 months, others will likely notice your change as well.

And by 6 months you’ll likely begin to move, feel and look like a woman half your age.

It’s okay to feel skeptical now.

But based on all of the data I’ve shared with you today and all of our past results, I’m confident that VivaSlim™ will work for you!

But because I want you to feel totally safe and confident with your purchase, I’m letting you try VivaSlim™ for a full 365 days risk-free.

If you’re not absolutely in love with VivaSlim™ at any time in the next 365 days, simply call or email us and our friendly support staff will refund every single penny you paid.

We won’t ask you any questions and you don’t have to give us any reason.

Just send us a message, and you’ll get an easy, hassle-free refund of your payment.

It’s easy!

Just click the “ORDER NOW” button below.

When you do, you’ll be taken to our secure, 256-bit encrypted order page.

Take just 2 minutes to confirm your information and you’re done! Our team at VivaSlim™ will rush your order in the mail to you as quickly as possible.

You’ll most likely have it in your hands within 7 days.

And remember, there is NO auto-billing subscription.

This is a one-time payment and you won’t be charged again unless you place another order.

Those are the most common questions I get about VivaSlim™.

Hopefully, your question was answered there.

But if you’re still wondering if it’s right for you…

Honestly, the only way to find out now is to claim your desired package by clicking on one of the three buttons and completing your secure order.

Try It Out.

Feel the changes and then decide to keep it.

Isn’t it just better to find out now rather than wondering “What if…?” for the rest of your life?

Your body and your health are all you really have… and your enjoyment of life and the world around you is based on how you feel.

How you feel is based on the chemical composition of your body, your body’s internal balance.

It’s no wonder why people these days don’t feel healthy and alive like they used to.

There’s an imbalance.

It’s not natural to feel bad all the time.

Life is short.

How many great healthy years do you really have left?

I can’t promise this will put years on your life.

No one can.

But it will put life into your years.

There’re not many things you can buy for such a low price that will do so much for you.

For example…

You can eat a meal at your favorite restaurant or fill up your gas tank one time…

But how many things can actually change your life and the quality of your everyday experiences for that price?

I can’t think of many.

You either continue to miss out on having the great life experiences we’re all entitled to…

Or you take the better option.

The only option that really makes any sense at all…

Which is to simply try VivaSlim™ and help your metabolism do what it was meant to do.

You don’t know what it’s like trying something that works the way it’s supposed to.

Imagine waking up in the morning fully rested and ready to take on the world and all the opportunities life has to offer.

Go Ahead and Click the
Button Below and Pick From
Three Money-Saving Options.

Remember… you’re fully protected by our 365-day guarantee, and you’ll love how it makes you feel.

If you don’t notice a rapid and powerful awakening of your body, just give us a call or send us an email…

And we’ll refund your purchase in full.

Just send the bottles back, even if they’re empty.

You really have nothing to lose and a healthy, vibrant, thinner, and lively body to gain.

And you’ll gain it fast.

You’re going to love the way you look and feel.

Make it a great day today, a VivaSlim™ day.

Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle
Buy 6 bottle















[14] The Body Restoration Plan: Eliminate Chemical Calories'” and Repair Your Body’s Natural Slimming System” by Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton © 2003 by Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton 2000


















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